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As a consultancy company, Processo considers the statement "coordinate to win" as a key idea. As such, the services provided are positioned in three areas: processes, resource and people, aiming to promote a coordinated action in these three areas that form a fundamental triangle.

Coordination is specially needed when it is known that excellence results from a perfect synchronism between the three ntriangle edges, contributing to the company's business processes quality, success and efficiency, to the company's business partners relationship success, to the company's employees well being and to company's activity sustainability. By doing this, it is possible to obtain value creation opportunities and competitive advantages that would be impossible without such a synchronism.

Mission & Values

As an active player in the economic, social and political environments, and with its own heritage, Processo has the following mission:

To assist its clients in creating value and competitive advantages through the improvement of their logistics management, the integration of the supply chains in which they participate, or by reengineering their business processes.

As such, the following values have been adopted:

  • Excellence: to perfectly understand the client situation, giving all attention to the project in hand.
  • Quality: to be in the project until the end, taking responsibilities on the execution of the proposals presented.
  • Trust: to adopt a transparent relationship with business partners, enabling the mutual trust and productivity.
  • Innovation: to use innovation as an elegant form of changing business barriers and paradigms, opening the way to new horizons.
  • People: to promote the continuous education of its people, boosting their own knowledge and capacities.
  • Environment: to ensure that the proposals presented enable the preservation of a healthy environment.